CEZARIS STRATEGIES is a consulting boutique, specializing in strategy making.

Our client is a business company focused on value growth optimisation. Our work is based on the STREAM method, elaborated during the years of practice and fruitful partnership.

CEZARIS was founded by Mindaugas Kubilius in 2008; rebranded as CEZARIS STRATEGIES in 2020.

Mindaugas Kubilius

Mindaugas Kubilius

Mindaugas started his career at the Policy Planning Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After graduating from Oxford University with a Certificate in Diplomatic Studies, he continued his education in humanities in Oxford, Sorbonne University, etc. He taught philosophy, leadership and business development at Vilnius University, ISM University of Management and Economics and Kazimieras Simonavičius University.

Mindaugas founded a consulting boutique Cezaris in 2008 and soon established his reputation as an expert in strategy making. Responding to present-day challenges, he co-authored STREAM, a method of strategy making for businesses operating in a complex and dynamic environment.

Mindaugas is a frequent speaker at various events and an essayist for biggest dailies on social and business themes. He was an advisor for strategy at the presidential campaign for Gitanas Nausėda (2018–2019), resulting in his considerable victory.

Oxford University
vilnius university


Educational project
March – June 2023


on Geostrategy
Office of the President
of Lithuania


Branding project
for credit union Neris
February – March 2023


for the Office
of the President
May – September 2022


Contributor to
„Business News“
on geostrategy

Undisclosed client

Endowment Fund development strategy
May – August 2020


Advisor to Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra for
National Concert Hall development strategy
September – October 2020

ACC Distribution

Hackathon for ACC distribution of ACME Group
February 2020

Tobis group

Advisor to Tobis Group for strategy
January – December 2019

Vycio veliava

Advisor to Gitanas Nausėda for campaign strategy
May 2018 – May 2019


Advisor to Mayor for city strategy
May 2018 – April 2019

Achemos grupe

Advisor to an Achema Group company (undisclosed) for strategy
April – May 2018


Hackathon for SBA Group
February 2019

eldes systems

Advisor to Eldes Systems for strategy
September – December 2018

Achemos grupe

Advisor to an Achema Group company (undisclosed) for strategy
April – June 2017


Hackathon for Ignitis Group
February 2017 / 2018

Achemos grupe

Advisor to Achema Group for a patronage project with the National Philharmonic
August 2017–2019


Advisor to Association of Hotels and Restaurants for marketing strategy
March 2016

Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association

Advisor to Real Estate Development Association for project strategy
September 2016 – March 2017

Department of Cultural Heritage of Lithuania

Advisor to Cultural Heritage Department for project strategy
January 2015

National Philharmonic of Lithuania

Advisor to the National Philharmonic for marketing strategy
October 2014 –


Training session product
March 2014



Training session product
March 2013


Advisor to Lesta for organisation development
October 2013

global lithuanian leaders

Advisor to Global Lithuanian Leaders for concept strategy
September – December 2012

Tobis group

Advisor to Tobis Group for strategy
October 2011 – May 2015

Startup Highways

Advisor to Startup Highway for communication strategy
September 2011 – September 2012


Strategy and execution of the social project, Family University of Omnitel (now Telia)
September 2008 – January 2010