• Industries are on the threshold to develop AI / HI symbiosis.
  • The state of constant re-learning is becoming a prerequisite for developing AI-HI symbiosis.
  • Capacity to absorb and produce its own capital of talents will become a key factor in making own strategic advantage.

It is a commonplace to say that industries are facing the challenge of rapid technological change. The problem is not just the skyrocketing scale of innovation, or a generation shift, or any human barrier. Tectonic shifts are taking place in the fields of the value-added approach and even (sic!) in the nature of capital itself. It is already clear that products of high value will be developed through a symbiosis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI). It becomes increasingly evident that if a company does not develop its AI / HI symbiotic modality, it will soon become redundant. It seems we are just at the beginning of the Industry 4.0 revolution, but the pace and scale of progress is already making industries to embrace forward-looking strategies.

This is an already widely perceived that repetitive functions will be fully automized and controlled by AI. Whereas non-repetitive, or unique functions will be managed by humans. What is not well understood is that “humans” would mean a highly specialized creative force, a powerful concentration of intellects that functions as a synergy of talents. The prime task for the force is also excelling – the discovery of new venues of value to become products of excellence on the market. To be more specific, these group of talents will produce reasonable hypotheses for the AI to convert them into marketable products and production with as low prime cost as possible. In simple words, creative people are to create valuable problems for machines to convert them into well marketable products. The symbiosis between Artificial Intelligence and synergetic Human Intelligence is the future.

Simple, but extremely challenging. The Human intelligence will have to catch up with the pace of Machine learning. Here how it goes. The first premise: business that will have not yet mastered AI inc. Machin learning) will fail; the second premise: business will have to be able to profitably employ the powers of constantly evolving AI at an ever-increasing pace; conclusion: business will have to learn constantly and quickly.

Hence, a practical outcome: to match up the AI in your business, the lifelong learning will inevitably become a part of the value creation process. industries will have to organize a learning process by absorbing & adapting academic or any useful professional resources. An inevitable process of dialectics where, on the one hand, a professional has to deny rapidly aging knowledge and, on the other, acquire new interdisciplinary know-how will be a norm of working for business and in business. So, the state of constant re-learning will become a prerequisite in the making of continuous competitive advantage. Certainly, it will be rather challenging to survive in such a strive. Thus, only the talented and ardent learners are to become apt performers in the high value creation processes of the future. Lifestyle choices will soon be either this kind of challenging creative work and interesting life, or a consumer with a basic life-long “happy life” grant and … boredom.

The historic Socrates commandment “I know that I know nothing” will finally come true in the highly advanced economies. Meanwhile, the developed capacity of industries to absorb and produce its own talent capital via creating modalities of AI-HI symbiosis will become a key factor in making own strategic advantage.

Mindaugas Kubilius