In the beginning, it was just CEZARIS. Why CEZARIS? We started out as a training company in 2008 amidst a global financial meltdown. At that time, business leaders were learning to survive in unpredictable circumstances. The economic crisis provided us with a good opportunity to launch a company proposing a solid product for leadership development, namely, leadership based on virtue. This concept of leadership originated in ancient Greece as the basis for moral and military training of citizens. The school of virtue became the very basis of aristocratic education throughout millennia, and is still in use today in the best military and boarding schools. Somehow it was natural for us to use the name of Caesar, the notorious Roman leader, the name which came to signify an epitome of leadership (Cezaris in Lithuanian).

With this kind of promise, the market demanded processes and strategy development, rather than just inspiring and knowledgeable training sessions. Consequently, the first client to approach us was a major telecommunications company which commissioned us to develop an educational project for families as part of their social sustainability program and we did just that. The project is still continuing and growing to this day.

Within a couple of years, CEZARIS gained a reputation of a diligent process planner, efficient executor, and last but not the least, a deep thinker. Indeed, a rare amalgam of competencies. Various business projects with the demand for novel and sustainable strategies followed. The accumulation of experience was coupled with teaching at universities. As pressure for an even more upgraded result mounted, a change in partnership occurred. Growing experience has incited us to develop our own method of strategy making called STREAM.

We have put the method to the test in various business projects; we have even applied it to some cultural or political projects. All of them have been recognised as very successful.

Thus, slowly but steadily CEZARIS has gained a reputation of an acute strategist. This has led to the inception of CEZARIS STARTEGIES boasting a mature, effective, and up-to-date innovative approach to strategy making, while still following timeless leadership wisdom.